Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Stick & Goose !!!

On a  return visit to the reed-bed hide, in the hope of a decent kingfisher photograph, I found myself mesmerized by the sticks placed in front of the hide, last week I missed the kingfisher when I was distracted and looked the wrong way.

There's only so long that you can stare at a stick, and I am ashamed to say, that several hours later, I was still there gazing in hope, at the sticks.

After several hours you  convince yourself that the moment you leave the hide, will be the moment that the kingfisher decides to visit the hide, so you wait, and wait.

But not this time, it was a no show from the kingfisher.

The joy of bird watching, you do not always get to see the bird you hoped for, but something else usually comes along, and on this occasion I caught sight of a large raptor circling above the main lake being mobbed by some Rooks 

An Osprey, making its way back to Africa. It was quite high, but in the record shot below, you can just make out that it is a Osprey

The Greylag flock , still resident in front of the hide, provided more practice for those difficult flight shots.

Not a great variety of waterfowl, although I did notice,  there seemed to be more drake Teal  this time.

A few Mallards provided further practice for that elusive landing shot, that I am  trying to get,

A couple of  female Shoveller's in front of the hide, a boring shot, I definitely  prefer action shots of  waterfowl.

The shot  below is my favorite photograph of the day, a female Teal stretching its wings after landing at the pool.

When I finally managed to leave the hide, I went for a stroll around the Alder wood to stretch my legs, not much to see bird wise, 

Although,  there were still a few Ruddy darters taking in the last rays of autumn sunshine.

So the end of another nice day at the Reed-bed hide,
                no kingfisher photograph as yet,
 so, in those immortal words,           I'll be back !

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