Monday, 24 November 2014

Sheppey Roadside Birding !

Spent some time down on the Isle of Sheppey, on this first trip, time was short so much of the time was spent in the car, some lazy birding, but a few photographic opportunities were found.

A quick look out at sea from Leysdown did not reveal much, the tide was in, a few Black Headed Gulls were loafing on the groynes.

I moved on to Capel Fleet hoping to see a few Raptors, 
 passing Capel Fleet, an impressive flock of Coot could be seen,  seems strange seeing these birds congregating in such large numbers, when they spend so much time, during the rest of the year being extremely territorial and aggressive to each other.
There were approx two hundred Coot here.

Some distant Marsh Harriers could be seen quartering the reed beds but too distant for the camera.
There did seem to be quite a few Kestrels along the road, most seemed to be females.

There were plenty of Red Legged Partridge around,
 but no sign of any Grey Partridge, to be fair I think I have only ever seen this species at Elmley and not to often these days, as it seems to becoming scarce bird to see.

Finally this Stonechat flew up and posed on a roadside Hawthorn tree and posed for a quick photograph.

A drive down the track to Kingshill farm at Elmley did not reveal much, except for Lapwings, Starlings and a few Rooks.

As I made my way back down the track this Grey Heron was fishing in one of the dykes completely undisturbed by my presence, one of the advantages of birding from the car.

Lazy birding, but amazing what you can see from the roadside.

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