Monday, 1 December 2014

Rainham - Rallus Aquaticus

This water Rail was the highlight of my walk around Rainham RSPB.
 I just caught sight of this bird making its way down a recently cut channel in the reed beds, just past the Ken Barrett hide.

The Water Rail, described as a common water bird, in reality is a very secretive water bird, heard more than seen.
Its main call  a series of grunts followed by a high-pitched piglet like squeal and ending in more grunts is known as 'sharming'
This is usually a territorial call, alarm or announcement.
 Once heard not forgotten.

I moved on to the woodland and spent some time at the woodland feeding station, always something to see, with lots of photographic opportunities. Todays viewing seemed dominated by Blue Tits and Great Tits with a few  other common woodland birds and creatures making an appearance.

 Brown Rat under the feeding station

At least four Stonechats seen around the reserve.

Short walk in some nice winter sunshine.

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