Thursday, 15 January 2015

Right place , Right time !

I was parked up midway along the lower road at Capel Fleet, the day had been dull, wet and miserable, there was a short respite in the weather, I decided to hang around to see if any Short Eared Owls would show, as it was here I had some reasonable views back in December.

A white bird flying over the reed bed towards me, caught my attention. As it drew closer I realised it was a Barn Owl in hunting mode.

I watched it for nearly half an hour before the light finally faded and it was lost to view,  but during that time the Owl flew up and down the rough pasture alongside my car giving me some excellent views.

I am sure the Owl, which was so intent on its hunting did not even notice my presence, the Owl hunted no more than a metre off the ground, occasionally plunging down into the grass,
 but coming up with nothing while I watched.

I tried to photograph the Owl taking lots of images, most of which were rubbish, but a couple of soft images were obtained.

The Barn Owl is one of those special birds that everyone wants to see, I count myself lucky to have been in the right place at the right time for a change....

This Female  Kestrel was keeping a close eye on the Owl occasionally flying down as if to chase the Owl away,
 but the Barn Owl carried on hunting regardless.

Plenty of 'game birds' on show, especially some very colourful  Pheasants, 

Always lots of Red legged Partridge around, still no sightings of any Grey Partridge yet.

A quick look along the track at Elmley revealed the usual Redshank, Lapwing and Curlew, the small flock of Ruff were a bit of surprise, as was the Merlin that rushed through putting them all to flight.

Little Egret at the end of the day

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