Wednesday, 14 October 2015

. . . . just passing through !

 The garden around the Pear tree is providing some good bird watching just lately , and dare I say better than my local patch at Ashenbank Woods at the moment.

Goldfinches are coming to the feeders in good numbers now, fourteen in this photograph, with more waiting at the top of my neighbours Silver Birch tree next door.

As I watched the antics of the Goldfinches, quite quarrelsome when large numbers are trying to get a meal.

I noticed a movement around the pond, and then a surprise, a Grey Wagtail moved out into the open, the second only I have ever seen in the garden, this one had unfortunately lost a foot, but this did not seem to hinder its search for food, tail flicking in true wagtail fashion.

Grey Wagtail
It returned for a second  day searching for food around the pond and patio, allowing me to take a quick photograph.

Its now moved on just passing through the gardens, lovely bird to see.

The second surprise was when I noticed  a large Raptor circling slowly above the garden, now I 'm not sure how far my air space extends above the garden, but I'm claiming that for my garden list.
It circled around for several minutes before drifting off towards the River Thames and Essex.

Common Buzzard

October is always an interesting time for bird sightings, summer birds leaving the country, and winter arrivals moving in.

Lots of birds just passing through, you never know what might turn up.