Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Frogspawn !

A few nights ago I could hear the sound of gentle purring coming through the bedroom window very similar to a contented cat which I couldn't quite place, it was definitely coming from the garden,
 and our cat was asleep elsewhere.

The next morning the culprit became clear, a huge amount of frogspawn had been laid within our pond, the male frog was still clasping a female with several other suitors waiting in the wings, and it was one of these suitors that suddenly started making the noise I had heard in the night, 
a sound very similar to short bursts of purring. 

Certainly did not sound like croaking which is the sound I would have expected.

Spawning usually commences  between mid March and late June, but usually April, so the 22nd February seems quite early, another indicator of the mild winter most likely.

I noticed at least six or seven Common Frogs within the pond, the females are supposed to leave the pond once they have laid their eggs, the males look for another female to mate with.

Within three or four days it is said that all the females should have laid their eggs, 
 and the males will disperse.

A fact I can relay to my wife who is no great fan of the Common Frog or any other frog come to think of it.

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