Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Female of the Species !

I have been watching a pair of Blackbirds, the female in particular, that has been busy nest building above my garden pond in an old dead tree, covered in ivy.
This is probably a second brood, as the season is moving on. I'd like to think that this is the same pair of Blackbirds that visit the garden each day, Blackbirds have nested in previous years, albeit at different places around the garden, so it could be.

I first noticed her perched on my neighbours shed with a few flimsy grass strands, and then plunging head first disappearing into the ivy, the actual nest cannot be seen, but for the last three days, from early morning until dusk, like a flying haystack she has toiled at building her nest.

I have read that this can take up to a few weeks to build, but she seems to know what she's doing and has now moved on to moss, leaves and debris from the waterfall. maybe the lining of the nest.

At the end of the day, she can be seen at one of the bird baths or on the waterfall, bathing.

And what of the male, he has spent most of his time perched on the fence, as she flies out, he quickly follows, he has taken no part in any nest building activities, he is quite attentive though, I have watched him chase another male Blackbird away from the garden, The local Magpie is not tolerated anywhere near the garden,the male can be very vocal when carrying out these guard duties, the alarm call is sounded whenever our old cat moves down the garden path.

At the end of the day  he can usally be heard singing from his favoured song perch at the end of the garden.

Its gone very quite now, after only four days of nest building, I think she may have moved to the next stage of preparing to lay the eggs, she still appears at the end of the day, for a drink and bathe, the male is still very vocal when a perceived threat appears.

I must admit to responding to these alarm calls, checking to see what the threat is, even to the point of chasing away persistent Magpie that's lingering to long in the garden.

I look forward to seeing the birds taking food into the unseen nest site, indicating a successful conclusion,

 I believe the male gets more involved in this stage of feeding the young, we shall see later.

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  1. That's a great series of captures, I somehow missed all this stuff happening directly under my window!