Friday, 17 June 2016

The Mole - A Happy Ending of sorts !

I have often wondered how these wildlife photographer's or naturalist's that produce wildlife documentaries deal with a situation where an intervention would change the outcome that's being viewed, should you interfere or should you let nature take its course, however cruel you feel the situation is.
I think the answer is probably not to interfere, as after all you are only an observer of a natural event.

But this was the dilemma that faced me, and being a bit of a "softie" I failed miserably and intervened in an indirect manner.

 As I wandered through the reed beds. and some might think this a trivial and insignificant situation.

I was startled by a large black bird flying out from behind the reeds very close to me, a Carrion Crow, a bird with a bad reputation for predation on many a defenceless creature, young birds, nests eggs. nothing is sacred.

The crow in question, flew a short distance and settled on a fence post, no more than twenty feet away, giving me the evil eye I felt.

But no, what he was interested in was a poor defenceless Mole, left spread eagled on the track close to where I was now standing.
Now I don't get to see many Moles, In fact this is probably the first I have ever seen. I was hoping my first viewing would be  a Mole peeping out the top of a Molehill or a similar situation.

I must admit, the Mole did not look in a good way, but as I tried to get a good look at the mole, this being my first, his foot suddenly twitched , and he very slowly turned himself over. I glanced at the Crow who was now bobbing his head in frustration.

The mole obviously stunned by its ordeal, was slowly recovering and started to move around in circles, the Crow was very agitated now and obviously wanted to continue its attack on the mole,
hence my dilemma, should I move on and let the crow continue its attack, the Crow was obviously bothered by my presence.
I decided to stay, and willed the mole on to the relative safety of the reed bed, a few feet from where it circled,

Slowly the Mole appeared to fully recover and now moved towards the reeds and grass.

The disgruntled Crow flew off, the Mole  moved out of sight. 

Hope he made it.

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