Monday, 11 July 2016

Aerial Combat !

Another attempt to capture the Starlings squabbling in mid air, has not been entirely successful, with most of the images being very soft. it's hard to anticipate whether the squabble will rise up into the air, or fall to towards the ground.

My first attempts centered around the feeders, the Juvenile Starlings descend on the garden feeders in their hordes at the moment, and its not long before the squabbles begin.

Aerial combat is an unfair description really as most of the squabbles appear to be all about bluff and bluster, and who can open there gape the widest.

 Usually no contact is made, but they do look and sound very dramatic, especially if you can capture the incident in mid air, in focus and with a clean background, all of which has eluded me so far, but great fun trying.

You don't always need a rare bird to be the subject of your photograph. a comfortable chair, and a bit of patience, although my wife would probably disagree with my tactics.

The photograph above is probably the best of the bunch so far, shame it wasn't two adults.

I think the problem is probably the position of the feeders, under the Pear tree which is quite shaded, so I can't get a fast shutter speed, that's my excuse anyway, but they still look quite dramatic and  hopefully that perfect image will come.

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