Saturday, 23 June 2018

The Waterfall !

The waterfall that carries freshly filtered water back down to my fish pond is a relatively small affair, not really sure if  I can call it a waterfall, one of those preformed fiberglass jobs, but with a few years weathering, some strategically placed plants,even some moss making a determined effort to soften the edges have given it a relatvely authentic look, however the garden birds seem to love it.

Fortunately our swinging  garden chair has been placed in a position where I can watch the birds at the pond, without disturbing them,  although to be honest I think also they  have grown accustomed to me hanging around the garden and just get on with there thing.

The favoured part of the waterfall for the House Sparrows and Blue Tits is a lower shelf just before the water falls into the pond, The blackbirds, Starlings, Robin and Dunnock like to bathe out of sight at the top of the waterfall under the overhanging vegetation.

Series of photo's showing the Blue Tit bathing, usally an individual event.

Always amazes me that after a good soaking they still have the ability to fly off up into the garden trees.

The House Sparrows on the other hand appear to be attracted by a bathing bird, either waiting on the sidelines to take their turn , or just jumping straight in for a communal bathing event. sometimes not always that amicable.

The local Blackbirds use the waterfall for collecting wet leaves I expect for lining their nest which is hidden somewhere in the ivy.

There always seems to be a Dunnock skulking around at the top of the waterfall where I suspect  they bath in privacy.

Always a few photo opportunities around the pond, thankfully the Heron has left my few remaining fish alone this year, the only unwelcome guest to the garden.

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