Sunday, 2 December 2018

Under Attack !

I tend to look at the House sparrows that visit my garden as my own personal little House Sparrow colony, in reality couldn't be further from the truth, no nesting anywhere near my house or the pear tree, but each day they come in ever increasing numbers.
 I know that they usally remain within a mile or so from where they were born, so they must be finding suitable breeding areas close by.

Pear Tree feeding station. with House Sparrows
I'm not alone in noticing this increased activity around the garden, it always amazes me as I watch them feeding,  how they can instantly on mass, dive for cover, its not always obvious what has spooked them, fortunately there is plenty of cover nearby, where they remain hidden waiting for one brave soul to venture back out on to the feeders, which usally encourages the remaining  birds to venture  out on to the feeders.

The local SparrowHawks appear to have the feeding station firmly on there radar, a juvenile male has been making regular incursions into the garden, varying his approach, to date he has been unsuccessful.
 I have seen him sitting in the Pear tree, in my mind studying the layout of the garden for his next attack.

This young male is quite east to identify, so I'm pretty sure its the same individual, unless there are a number of young males with white spots across there back in the local area. 

Caught sight of this adult male sitting on the fence the other day.its not looking good for the Sparrows they need to keep there wits about them.

I think he's spotted me watching him.

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