Friday, 25 April 2014

Rainham Kingfishers !!!

Thought  I would pay another visit to Rainham RSPB to see how the Kingfishers were doing.

The young warden who has been monitoring the kingfishers, briefs everyone as they arrive at the hide, and it was good news, the eggs have hatched and the parent birds have been seen regularly bringing fish back to their brood, lets hope they make it to fledging.

Within a few minutes of my arrival the male kingfisher arrived on one of the perches with a fish in its mouth, it then flew to a small branch placed in the reeds outside the nesting hole, and from there into the hole in the bank.

Just managed to get a few photographs of one on the posts, you can just make out the fish in its beak. 

Spectacular bird to see.

I spent about thirty minutes in the hide and was treated to some excellent views, on one occasion both birds exiting the nesting hole at the same time.

 A good time to visit and see these birds before the young birds fledge and leave the nest.

A walk around the reserve looking for Butterflies to photograph, in particular the Orange tip which was unsuccessful, although I did see a few, they were not settling long enough for a photograph.

Quite a few Green Veined white and Peacock butterflies around in the Cordite store.

My search for a Grass snake to photograph was also fruitless, but I did see quite a few Common Lizards, which I tried to photograph, can't quite get depth of field sorted out in my head, but now I know where to find them, going to try again.

Always something to see and practice your photography skills at Rainham RSPB.

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