Friday, 25 April 2014


The Easter holidays found us travelling  to Snowdonia in North Wales for a short break, courtesy of my daughter Rachel and her fiance.

The weather was glorious, the first time we have visited Wales and it has not rained, we were heading for a place called Llanberis near Mount Snowdon, to stay at the Royal Victoria Hotel for a few nights.

We were then going to visit the Penrhyn slate Quarry at Bethesda to experience the zip wire, the longest in Europe, the closest thing to flying like a bird the brochure boasted.

 Also hopefully to visit Gigrins farm at Rhayader on the way home to photograph Red kites.

We stopped off at one of our favorite places Beddgelert,and walked along the gorge and stream, not many birds to be seen,
although a Raven did fly over.

The next day found us travelling to Bethesda, looking for Penrhyn slate quarry which we eventually did. Went for a walk along another nice stream running along the bottom of the quarry, still no birds to speak of, a distant Buzzard being mobbed by a Kestrel.

So now for our thrill seeking session, as we entered the car park, I saw my wifes face drop as she peered up at the zip wire disappearing far off into the distance.

This is the longest zip wire in Europe, you find yourself suspended face down  in a harness under the zip line, the highest point above ground is 500 feet, you maximum speed is 115 mph and the length of the zip line is approx one mile.

After checking in and receiving a safety brief you are kitted up in a jump suit, helmet and goggles and placed in a harness which is suspended from the zip line when you reach the top of the quarry

My wife and I ready to go, notice she is still smiling. After a practice ride on a smaller zip wire  to familiarise yourself with procedures, you are loaded up into a truck, which trundles up the track, winding its way up to the top of the slate quarry, giving great views of the way down.

As we reached the top, the temperature had really fallen, as had the smile from my wifes face, she was feeling very apprehensive now as we waited our turn.

And there we were,
 not sure about flying like a bird, more like Superman.!!

Great experience and a big smile returning to my wifes face, as she realised she had conquered her fears.

Red kites at Gigrins Farm to follow.

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