Friday, 27 June 2014

Arachnid !!!

I don't know much about Arachnids, I'm not frightened of them,
 but I must admit,

 I'm not particularly comfortable letting them crawl all over me,
 I know that none are poisonous in this country but some can bite and its the fear of the unknown that worries me.

When I encounter a new spider,I find out as much information as I can about it.

I can recognise with confidence, the Common Garden Cross Spider, the Wasp Spider and the Four spot Orb weaver spider, 
Thats three out of a possible six hundred species of spider found in the UK

This funnel shape web low down in the reed bed at Rainham RSBP was something new to me.

Like most people, I suspect,  my first thought was this was the dreaded  Funnel web spider, notorious in Australia,
 but I was pretty sure they do not exist in our country,

do they !

I narrowed it down to  two possibilities the  "Tube web Spider" 
or the "Labyrinth Spider"

The Tube web spider, a visitor from Southern Europe, sometimes found near ports, after being transported here by ships from Europe.
They make a funnel type entrance to there web, usually on the entrance to a crack or crevice, but this spider, although quite large, is black with two prominent green fangs, they can give you a nasty  though not fatal bite, definitely not the one in my photograph.

The Labyrinth Spider ( Angelena Labyrinthica ) seems to fit the bill.
Usually seen in the months of June to October in southern counties, Its web, found low down in long rough grass, hedgerows or trees.

The description seems to fit the partially viewed spider, features a central brown stripe with a darker grey band on each side, the darker bands have tiny white chevron markings running through them, which can just about be seen in the photograph.

The Labyrinth Spider produces a sheet web, so thick in places that it appears white in colour, at one end is a funnel shaped entrance.
Further down the funnel is a labyrinth of tunnels which gives the spider its name.
Hidden in the centre of the web is the spider's egg sac containing all the developing young.

Common, Shy and harmless.

Wouldn't want to put your finger in there though,
 would you!

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