Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Pear Tree Juveniles !!!

I always keep one eye on the garden pear tree, so to speak, 

there always seems to be something going on,
at the moment the numbers of Ring necked Parakeets seem to be increasing, and unlike some people, I love them in the garden, I can watch their antics for ages.
They seem to be testing the ripeness of the pears at the moment, 
I have a feeling there will not be many wasted this year.

The other garden birds seem to ignore their exotic cousins, 
although this Great Spotted woodpecker seems to be keeping an eye on them too.

The Great spotted Woodpecker after an absence of several months, has reappeared in the garden, bringing with him a juvenile, I just managed to get this fuzzy picture of them together.

The juvenile is the one with the red cap on its head, now coming to the garden regularly feeding on the peanut feeders.

While watching the woodpeckers, the adult male was seen to fly from the peanut feeder and appeared to be feeding or introducing the juvenile to the taste of peanuts, I managed to get a photograph of this, but while reviewing the photograph, to my horror I deleted it by mistake.

Starlings as always, arguing amongst themselves.

Only one juvenile Robin seen in the garden so far, this one has learnt already to perch on the feeder for mealworm treat.

And my favourite pictures of the day, was this House Sparrow family which arrived on the pear tree,
and were fed from the fat ball feeders.

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