Thursday, 10 July 2014

Close Encounters of the 'Beardie' kind !!

There has been several Bearded Tit reports from Rainham over the last few weeks, possibly up to three broods were being seen on and off , particularly around the Dragonfly pools and the Northern trail.
For me they remained elusive, I still had not managed to see a single sighting of this good looking bird here at Rainham.

My luck was about to change though, as I approached the Dragonfly pools area, a fellow birder said that he had just been watching two juvenile Bearded Tits in the reedbed and was sure they were still in the area.

Dragonfly Pools at Rainham RSPB reserve

The next thirty or so minutes I was teased by the two juveniles as they flitted about the reedbed, each time I tried to focus on them they were off ,disappearing into the reedbed and reappearing somewhere new.

At one point they arrived on one of the iron dragonfly sculptures,  indulging in some mutual preening, 
but always partially obscured by the reeds. 

Finally, as I was about to leave the area, one of the Juveniles flew up on to reed stem allowing me to get a photograph.

Another reed-bed resident checking out what all the fuss is about.

Reed Warbler

Plenty of dragonflies on view around the pools, 
still plenty of Black tailed Skimmers.

Emperor dragonflies were quite numerous, with several females ovipositing.

Male and female Ruddy Darters around the reed beds

Not so many Damselflies at the moment only saw a few Blue Tailed Damselfly

A Brown Hawker was flying around the pools much to the Emperors annoyance it seemed, never came close enough for a photograph.

Little Grebe Family resident on the Dragonfly pools  are still doing well.

A family of Coots raising their second brood.

Another satisfying day at rainham RSPB.

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