Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Friend or Foe !!!

Nothing unusual about a Grey Squirrel sighting, except of course, when its on our pear tree in the garden, its the first time we have  seen one in the garden, and it wasn't my pears he was after.

So as  part of the purpose of this blog is to record the wildlife sightings on and around the Pear tree, here he or she is, not sure where it's come from as there are no wooded areas close by.

My father-in-law Sid, a self confessed Squirrel hater, says I should be wary, as they can find there way up into  your roof space and cause all sorts of harm.
 Personally, I like to see all manner of wildlife in the garden.
 and theres plenty of nuts to go round.

I did cast a quick eye around my soffit boards though,
just in case.

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