Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Pear Tree Surprise !!!

As I went about my daily chores in the garden, I glanced over to the sunflower feeder, easily the most popular feeder in the garden, especially with the Goldfinches and Greenfinch. we have had up to fifteen plus Goldfinch flying down from the pear tree to feast on the sunflower seeds at any one time. a lovely sight, but I digress, on this occasion there were two small finches feeding with the Goldfinch with yellow bar on their wings.

I was taken aback, I knew what they were as soon as I saw them "Siskins" a species I have not seen in our garden, in fact I usually see these only in the winter, and then only at selected sites. and I don't recall seeing any last winter.

As they flew up into the Pear tree with the Goldfinch, I took the opportunity to grab my camera and wait to see if they returned. after a short wait one of the Siskins returned allowing me to get some record shots of this rare bird in our garden.


I discovered an interesting fact in relation to these birds, our local bird observatories at both Sandwich Bay and Dungeness have been reporting large influx of Siskins coming into the country.
Sandwich Bay have noted large numbers of Siskins from late July, some involving large flocks, Dungeness, have reported a steady trickle from early September.
 It was also stated that the possibility of Siskins stopping off at garden feeders was a high possibility as they pass through.

 So it may be worth keeping an eye on those feeders for this beautiful little finch.

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