Friday, 25 September 2015

Troglodytes troglodytes !!

Such a big name for such a small bird, this secretive little bird has been giving me the run around for the last few months ever since I caught sight of a juvenile Wren drinking from the bird bath, back in July.

It's given me the briefest of views as it's moved through the Ivy and shrubs around the garden, never lingering long enough for a good view, just enough to let me know that it's there.

To be honest it's quite a drab looking bird when viewed from a distance, it's one of those birds that you usually hear before you see it, not only a big name, but a big voice to go with it.

It's quite a common bird in its woodland habitat, but not in my garden, I get quite excited when something like this visits the garden, it appears my summer time feeding station is paying dividends now with more and more birds visiting.

So as I sat in the garden enjoying some late summer sunshine, a movement through the shrubs caught my eye, the Wren was back and moving around one of the 'fatball feeders', still very wary, but it posed just long enough for a couple of photographs.

A lovely little bird, which hopefully will become a regular visitor to our garden.

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