Sunday, 18 December 2016

Winter Buntings !

 It's not often a visit to a Reedbed does not reveal one of these smart looking Buntings, The Reed Bunting, in particular the cock bird as shown in this photograph are pretty unmistakable, even in their winter plumage, the female not so distinctive but still nice to see.

As I sat on a bench watching this cock Reed Bunting decimate the head of a Phragmite it brought to mind my first ever sighting of this species for me back in 1986 when I first began taking a keener interest in bird sightings, not such a nice place, the reed bed alongside Long reach sewage works on the bank of the River Thames near Dartford, I remember even now, thirty years later, the excitement of seeing a cock Reed Bunting atop of a reed, singing its heart out, little did I realise that it was a common bird of the Reedbeds, now I hardly give it a second glance except to acknowledge the bird as a Reed Bunting.

Strange how a memory is triggered by a sighting, seems like only yesterday.

 On the other hand, how annoying is it when engrossed on a DIY project and I find myself wondering what tool was it, that I have come down to the garden shed to retrieve,
 only to remember on the walk back to the house empty handed. what's that all about !

Here's a few images of the Hen Reed Bunting, not so distinctive as the male and blends into its reed bed habitat perfectly.

Looking on the bright side I can still identify most of what I see on my daily excursions. so not too much to worry about.

Always nice to see a bird in its natural surroundings.

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