Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Just a Grey Squirrel !

I know that Grey Squirrels  are not the most popular of mammals, blamed for the demise of the more popular Red Squirrel, but this is the only Squirrel  I'm likely to see here in Kent.

 This one presented a nice photographic opportunity, It's a shame the reflection in the pool was not a little stronger, and the subject a little rarer.

 Unusually, I saw several Greys eating Hawthorne berries and one even eating Rose Hips which makes a change from the sweet chestnuts  I usally see them eating, maybe these make them thirsty, certainly took on a lot of water while I was watching.

Not much more I want to say about these Greys, so probably my shortest blog entry ever, just wanted to record the image which I quite liked.

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