Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Waxwings at Last !!!

At last the Waxwings have finally found their way down south and appearing in good numbers at some sights.
I have been teased by the appearance of just three Waxwings which turned up here in Kent at Rochester just before christmas, twice I went looking, but to no avail, very frustrating as it's been a few years since last they visited here in any great numbers.

After a short absence they have reappeared in early January with a few more of their brethren, now numbering ten.

Third time lucky, still plenty of berries around, this small flock have been hanging around the trees in a small housing estate opposite a public house. As I arrived I could see the birds at the top of a tree. It appeared that they were rather partial to the yellow berries of a few Rowan trees and were swooping down from the treetops to take their fill of berries before returning to the treetops.

Fortunately these beautiful birds seem to be fairly tolerant of human presence, and the pointing of camera lens in there direction does not overly alarm them.

Just a matter of taking up a position fairly close to the berry tree and waiting. this particular flock only appeared interested in the yellow Rowan berries ignoring the red Rowan berries close by which the local Blackbirds and Starlings were taking, a quick grab and snatch visit by a Mistle Thrush also favoured the yellow berries.

Well worth the wait, the Waxwings swoop down into the Rowan tree, feeding appears frantic but the views are incredible. not long before they are off again returning to there high vantage point at the top of a Beech tree.

As I mentioned the local Blackbirds and Starlings were taking their share but were more interested in the Red Rowan berries, which provide a few photo opportunities.

But the star birds of the day were the Waxwings, so here's a few more images, hopefully it
will not be so long before our paths cross once again.

I may have to return for another visit if the sun shines and the berries last a bit longer, these yellow berries have nearly been consumed, but plenty of the red variety around.

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