Monday, 13 February 2017

Winter Blackcap 2017 !

Winter is coming to an end, and these last few weeks have been bitterly cold, as usual February has brought some snow albeit a very light dusting for us in the south of the country.
 Noticeable for its absence this winter,  a male wintering Blackcap has finally showed up.
 I placed a couple of apple halves out in the the garden the day before, and there it was feasting on the apple this morning in a small flurry of sleety snow.

Thats three winters in a row now that at least one Blackcap has been in the garden, and I have read many other reports of Blackcap being seen.
It will not be for another month or so before Blackcaps start arriving in the country so these will have some advantage over those I expect, if they can manage to survive our winter, and it looks like there coping fine.

I look forward to there arrival and woodland song in my local woods

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