Friday, 3 March 2017

" The Elegant Pintail "

I always think that the Pintail is a bit of a 'classy' looking duck, as far as ducks go. The silver grey, white and chocolate brown coloration is quite distinctive, and the long graceful neck will always bring an admiring comment from someone in the hide.

The Pintails we see here on the Marshlands of Southern England have migrated down from Northern Europe, usally only here for the winter months before returning home to their breeding range.

Quite an unassuming sort of duck which seems to spend a lot of its time at rest or sleeping when seen out on the marshes, but when you consider that its a bit of a dabbler, feeding on aquatic plants, seeds, mollusca, insects, crustaceans and small fish. usally in the early evening or night.

 That explains why they are usally seen at rest during the day. ( Tired)

 I have never seen these Pintail in large flocks, unfortunately, most of my sightings have been  small groups scattered around the marshes. typically as shown below

Two Drakes and a duck Pintail
When seen in flight you can usally see the long central tail feathers that give the Pintail its name

Saw this one on the water's edge engrossed in a bit of 'dabbling',
 and bucking the 'evening feeder' theory

You have to admit, a smart looking winter duck.

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