Thursday, 6 April 2017

Darnley Trail Brimstone !

With some gorgeous weather of late, my wife and I decided to walk the " Darnley Trail" a very pleasant walk that meanders through several different woods and passes the local folly of the Darnley mausoleum. Most would consider this a short walk, just under seven miles, more than sufficient for me.

The warm sunshine showing off all the woodland flowers at there very best,  Wood Anemones, Lesser Celandine, Dog Violets, the sunnier aspects have Bluebells just starting to flower. Birds are getting harder to spot, but I could hear Chiffchaffs and Blackcap singing all around the various woods. Good views of a Buzzard circling overhead.

Butterfly sightings were numerous, Peacock, Small White, Orange Tip and of course the Brimstone.

After my last whinge in my " A true Harbinger of Spring" blog that I never seem to get the opportunity to photograph a Brimstone at rest, this Brimstone promptly settled down  in front of me, with no zoom lens on the camera it was a matter of edging ever closer to try and get a reasonable photograph, usally as they detect your presence they fly off, on there seemingly endless wandering flight, I was tense, got to within four feet, fired off two shots and the Brimstone was off. but I got a reasonable image of this lovely spring Butterfly.

Brimstone at Rest

You can see how well camouflaged they would be, looking very leaf like, although fortunately for me, the camouflage does not work so well on this dead leaf scenario. I don't think I have ever seen an open wing photograph of this butterfly, most of my sightings have been a quick flash as they zoom past me along the woodland glades.


  1. That's very similar to the shot I got a week or two ago! They never rest with their wings open, that's why getting that soht is next to impossible!

    1. Just looked' your right very similar , even the dead leaves senario.