Wednesday, 19 April 2017

" L'amour de ma vie."

Totally forgetting my own advice from my previous blog page, my heart sank as I opened up the wooden shutter and looked out on the pool in front of the hide. which I must admit on first appearances looked devoid of any wildlife of note, just the rear ends of a pair of swans as they searched for aquatic vegetation on the bed of the pool.

I poured a cup of coffee from the flask and broke open my sandwich box and stared out across the marshes at nothing in particular, just enjoying the solitude.

A quick glance at the Mute Swans which had now surfaced, the light was particularly good, this must be the 'good light ' that strangers with there cameras strike up with their  ice breaker conversational piece as you pass through the marsh. " the lights not good today " or vice versa  expecting you to know exactly what they're talking about, I usually just agree, embarrassed by my lack of knowledge.

But this light was good....... I had found the good light.... and these Swans were looking pretty smart at this precise moment in time.

Now I have never really watched the courtship ritual of the Mute Swan so this turned out to be an interesting few minutes, I'm not sure if this is normal behavior for all Mute Swans or just this pair.
I know Mute swans try and mate for life so maybe this was just a moment of re-establishing that special bond.

The swans slowly approached each other, the cob submerged his head and neck under the surface and quickly raised it again stretching neck to full height, the pen did the same, as she stretched her neck to full height the cob dipped his under the surface, this went on for about thirty seconds the dip and stretch getting faster, culminating with the male copulating and holding the pens head under the water.

The pair then proceeded to embrace, rubbing their head and necks together in what appeared to be a genuine show of affection.

" L'amour de ma vie."

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