Sunday, 14 May 2017

Gone..... But not forgotten !

The first occupation of a bird box in the garden was a success in the end, even though  the bird box was very close to our conservatory window and the bird feeders next to the pond with many birds coming and going, the Robins totally unphased, got on with the job of rearing their brood.

I managed to get  a couple of long range photographs of the nest box and counted five gaping mouths begging for food, slightly above the normal clutch of four.

So approximately sixteen days after egg laying was completed, I believe the eggs hatched, both adult birds were seen taking food to the nest and occasionally taking away the faecal sac's.

I was hoping to see the young birds fledged, but a city break in Rome meant I missed the actual event, which was disappointing , I'm assuming all went well because the box was empty on our return, with no sign of any juveniles around the garden.

Strangely the female has been bringing nesting material again to the box and built a new nest on top of the other. but she has not been in the box for a few days now.

As I mentioned in my recent blog about the Robins, I have been supplementing there feeding with a few well placed meal worms, these appear to have been gratefully appreciated, things have progressed on a bit now with both adult Robins becoming very familiar and bold.

Female on my wifes foot

Robin checking out my camera  and waiting for a feed. ( phone picture)

This is not the end of the story, I noticed that the Adults were not eating  all the mealworms but flying to the trees at the end of the garden and that's where I noticed a Juvenile fly to the adult and take the mealworm, and there they were, hiding in the trees, the juvenile Robins.

I have been watching closely over the last day or two and have spotted the juveniles in among  the garden shrubs.

And that's a nice ending to this little story.

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