Friday, 26 May 2017

" Kindergarden "

Its that time of year again when the garden takes on the guise of a kindergarten. Juvenile birds are being brought to the feeders, although they seem more interested in begging for food, but I suspect they will get the idea soon enough and learn where to find an easy source of food.

Blackbirds nesting close by in the Ivy were first to show off their offspring, only two made it to juvenile status, they are still being seen around the garden, and still taking food from the adults despite their size.

Male Blackbird and Juvenile

House Sparrows visit the feeders now with a trailing posse of juveniles, they seemed to have done very well once again with lots of House Sparrows being seen around the garden.

House Sparrow

As I mentioned on previous blog pages, our garden Robins managed to raise five juveniles, they are still being seen around the garden, although I suspect that when those red breast feathers come through they will be chased away.

The demanding Starlng Juveniles have now invaded the garden with there incessant screeching for food.

Juvenile Starling
The last few days have seen a Great Tit family visiting the feeders, suet and sunflower seeds appear to be their favorite food source at the moment.

Great Tit

As you can see " kindergarten" seems very apt at the moment.

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