Thursday, 26 October 2017

No Rest For The Wicked !

No rest for the wicked or so it seems especially for the urban Red Fox, seemingly hated and despised by all alike, I find I have a grudging respect for the wily old Red Fox whenever our paths cross.

I usally encounter a few foxes on my nightly dog walk, more than often they keep their distance, always keeping a wary eye on me.

 My dog on the other hand, appears to have an inbred hatred of the fox and accelerates barking furiously until he reaches the end of his retractable lead with a jolt, I'm sure some of the local Foxes have worked out that he can only cover a short distance on this lead, as they stand there taunting him with their presence, until they both loose interest and carry on with there nightly activities.

 A young Fox has been seen around the gardens of late using the shed roofs as a form of  urban highway, as he passes through his presence is given away by the local dogs barking there annoyance.

The last few days we have had some late autumn sunshine, I caught sight of this young Fox trying to rest on my neighbors discarded trampoline, camouflaged quite well on the old conifer leaves.

He managed to snatch a couple of minutes rest before the local neighborhood dogs detected his presence, and moved him on.

These urban Red Foxes never look in that good condition compared to the country cousins you occasionally encounter, I noticed when he yawned he had a missing incisor tooth and bite marks to the top of his leg, he seemed fit enough though.

Nice to see occasionally in the garden, although I prefer it if he keeps just passing through.

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