Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Blackcaps Return 2018 !

I was beginning to think that the wintering Blackcaps were not going to show this winter, every winter since 2015, Blackcaps have emerged from there winter haunts for a few days around the garden, I think the hard weather of a few weeks ago finally forced the Blackcap to show itself, a fine looking male sporting its distinctive black cap for which its named, stayed around the garden for a few days and then disappeared. But his back, still not feeding on the apples, the fatball feeder is his weakness.

Male Blackcap
A female Blackcap has appeared now, seen a few times on the peanut feeders only, probably followed the male into the garden, appears much shyer. That brown cap not standing out as much as the males Black cap, blends in well with the house sparrows when feeding together. nice to see them both in the garden before winter finally passes us by.

It will not be long now before the spring migrants arrive, these wintering birds apparently will have a head start in the breeding stakes on these new arrivals if they stay here to breed, there's always the possibility that these wintering Warblers will head back to there breeding grounds in northern Europe.

female Blackcap

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