Thursday, 1 March 2018

" My Little Feathered Friend "

Last spring we were fortunate to accommodate a pair of Robins in an old nesting box hidden in the Ivy, close to our conservatory window. We watched them build their nest, rearing five young fledglings.

During this time we managed to befriend them by supplementing their search for food with some tasty live meal worms.

The Male in particular became very tame and responded to my "pursed lip" call, as I held out my hand with a few meal worms. even the female eventually overcame her fear and readily came to hand. You can't beat an interaction with a wild creature.

This was back in March 2017, so roll on now to late February 2018, I noticed a Robin watching me as I moved around the garden, could this be my old friend from last year,  I gave my pursed lip signal out of curiosity, the Robin seemed to respond, but I wasn't sure.

The next day whilst at the garden center I purchased a small tub of meal worms, but the Robin was nowhere to be seen and not noticed for a few days.

Finally I spotted  a Robin at the top of the Pear Tree, singing very loudly, was this my little feathered friend,  I approached the base of the tree and gave my signal, nothing, I tried again, and to my astonishment the Robin dropped from the top of the Pear Tree, a good thirty feet high and landed directly on my hand , gave me a look, and took a meal worm.

A very heart warming moment, it must be at least nine months since last we met, I did not really expect the Robin to remember me,  he obviously did.

Since this reunion he regularly waits for me outside the greenhouse now, where I give him a few Meal worms at the start of the day.

Phone picture of my little feathered friend

 He's managed to attract a new female mate, this one is very wary and will not come to hand as yet, she just sits close by watching the male in astonishment as he takes food from my hand, to be fair after he has had his fill he does take a few meal worms to her where he feeds hers as part of his courtship ritual.

The new female mate
There has been some initial nest building observations, not in  the nest box but next to it hidden deeper in the Ivy. but seems a little early and not a serious action.

The male watching the female

Unfortunately a cat has appeared and taken an interest in the Robins new nest position, I have discouraged the cat, and in doing so may have disturbed the female Robin, I have not seen any further  nest building activity.

Although my little feathered friend still seen regularly, and the female is still close by. 

Nest building will have to wait until the "Beast from the East" moves on, and the cat.

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