Sunday, 6 January 2019

Friends Reunited !

My last blog page found me recapping the recent winter visitors to the garden and pear tree, I mentioned the fact that my tamed garden Robin known affectionately as my "little feathered friend" was conspicuous by his absence, the last time he fed from my hand was back in February 2018,  where once again he had managed to lure a female to his territory and looked like breeding once again in the Ivy nest box. but an inquisitive cat disturbed them, and I guess they found a new nesting site, he was not seen around the garden again, after this long absence I presumed that he may have died  or moved to a new territory.

A new Robin possibly a female, seen around the garden appears much shyer and  definitively not going to feed from my hand.

I felt quite sad really, I had built up a nice friendship with my previous Robin, dating back to March 2017, that's just under two years.

And so, as I was filling up the bird feeders in the greenhouse, I turned and came face to face with a Robin sitting on a plant bracket, about two feet from my face, surprisingly, he didn't fly off, could this be my little feathered friend, surely not,  I put  some mealworms in the palm  of my hand and tentatively reached out towards the Robin, to my surprise he flew down to my hand and took a mealworm, this was my friends reunited moment.

We now meet regularly at the greenhouse each morning, exchange a few meal worms before getting on with our daily routines.

The shyer Robin, which I'm guessing is a female and possibly a potential mate to my feathered friend watches close by in amazement, but as yet, not brave enough to feed from my hand. I usually place a few mealworms on an old feeding station and move back  a few steps, she will then fly down and feed on the mealworms

Time will tell if she will overcome her natural wariness.

What amazes me is the Robins obvious memory, now coming to my hand for feeding over the last twenty two months, with several periods of long absence in between.

I'm hoping they move back to the garden and breed again, we will see.

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