Sunday, 10 February 2019

Winter Garden Summary !

I find it very difficult to pass a window without spending a few minutes watching the garden feeders, always nice to watch the regular garden visitors, and the hoped for scarcity.

But it's the usual suspects mainly, House Sparrows, a pair of Blackbirds and a few Dunnocks usally seen skulking around the garden shrubs, Starlings en-masse, at least five Collared Doves chasing each other around the garden, can't quite work out who is paired with who though, Wood Pigeons have consumed most of the Ivy berries now but always a few seen beneath the feeders. Ring Necked Parakeets fly into the Pear Tree early morning and late afternoon, particularly fond of peanuts, sunflower seeds and apples.

The briefest view of a Wren on the garden fence was the only one seen this winter.

The local Sparrowhawks seem to have moved on, none seen  for a few months now.

 A few Chaffinches seen daily, normally females and occasionally a nicely coloured male.
No Greenfinches have been seen at all this winter unfortunately, Goldfinches on the other hand are regular visitors usally to the 'Niger feeders' occasionally to the sunflower hearts.

No winter Thrushes this year, my pair of Robins still wait for an easy feed early in the morning although I still can't tempt the female to feed from my hand.

Blue Tits and Great Tits as expected, are seen daily. A nice surprise recently is the roving band of Long Tailed Tits seen in the garden, usally around the Pear tree

Long Tailed Tits

Once again a winter Warbler in the form of a male Blackcap has been seen around the garden these last few days, strangely I only seem to catch sight of these wintering Blackcaps near the end of the winter, but usally at least one turns up in the garden, attracted by an apple or two.

I have noticed some Snowdrops flowering in the garden, Crocuses and Daffodils breaking through the soil,  buds appearing on the garden shrubs, spring is on the way thank goodness.

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