Thursday, 26 September 2013

Garden Birds !

 Juvenile Starlings seem to have dispersed, certainly not visiting the garden in previous numbers.

Plenty of House sparrows around the garden.

Still no sign of the Blackbirds, I did  read in the RSPB magazine that after a busy breeding season they take a low profile while they renew there worn and damaged feathers. 

The Robin seems to  have moved on also, not seen for a few days now.

The Parakeets still visiting the peanut feeders, although not as regularly as earlier this year.

Blue tits are quite noticeable though, and the occasional Great tit has been seen.

The last few days have also seen a roving flock of Long Tailed Tits visiting the garden, they seem to be attracted to the suet feeders, as you can see in the photo's below. Up to fifteen birds in the flock, but very flighty.

This Chiff Chaff was a surprise visitor, came in with the LT Tit flock. The second sighting in the garden.
Most of these birds are on there return passage to warmer climes,
although some birds do over winter.

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