Friday, 13 September 2013

Goldfinch's Return !

Its been a glorious summer, autumn has arrived, and with it coincidentally, is the return of our goldfinches.

After a long absence, these two were noticed on the 'Nyger' feeders a few days ago.

European Goldfinch

Very specialized feeders, their long pointed beaks allowing them to extract seeds from thistle heads, and in this case the nyger seeds from the small holes in the feeders, which they seem to find irresistible .

This is a juvenile goldfinch, taking a drink after feeding on the Nyger seeds.

Apparently the sexes are very similar, apart from the fact , that the red mask on the male is slightly larger and darker, and extends behind the eye, so this could be a male,  also  noticed that this one has been ringed at some point in its life.

Nice to see them back.

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