Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Late Summer !

Last of the summer days are slipping by, there's a chill in the air, as the dark evenings draw ever closer.
The Parakeets noticeable by their absence these last few months, have reappeared.
Breeding seems to have been successful as they introduce their youngster to the local food sources.
The juvenile has been constantly calling to its parents with much head bobbing and occasional beak nibbling. 

    For those familiar with the distinctive Parakeet calls its hard  not to notice their arrival, or their contact calls as they fly over you.

You can see from the photograph how they blend in to the surrounding foliage as they clamber around the tree.

 On several evenings recently, I have noticed a flock of  seven or eight birds flying presumably to there roost site, as they pass over the garden three parakeets  peel off, like old spitfire warplanes, and swoop down to the pear tree.

Their reappearance has probably got something to do with the abundance of ripening pears which they seem rather partial to.

Peanuts are still on the menu though !

Not many notable species visiting the garden lately, the Collared Doves still chasing off any rivals.

Years gone by, have found me vigorously protecting my pear crop,
but experience has taught me that the marauding flocks of juvenile Starlings were always going to win, so I take my share from the lower branches and the birds get the rest.

House Sparrows seemed to have done well this year with good numbers of juvenile birds visiting the garden.

Blackbirds did not breed in the garden this year although they were seen building a nest in the ivy , later abandoning the site for a more desirable position.

This well worn Robin, now a regular visitor to the garden was seen with one, maybe two juveniles. may of bred in the garden although I have not found the nest site yet.

Blue Tits still regular visitors to the fatballs and peanut feeders.

The only other bird of note was a Wren seen very briefly in the shrub border.

On the insect front, the Migrant Hawker dragonfly was seen on a few occasions.

 This Jersey Tiger moth was found in the porch.

I believe this is a "Angle Shades" moth

Plenty of these tiny Mint moths around the pond and appropriately the mint.

Female Stag beetle made a short visit to the garden.

There has been no sign of any Goldfinches on the Niger feeders lately, but I'm sure they will return as winter creeps in.


  1. Your wonderful insect pictures are truly beautiful and your generosity towards the parakeets regarding the sharing of the pears is truly inspirational xxxx

  2. Great photos, your very talented