Saturday, 1 March 2014

In Search of a Grebe !!

The Great Crested Grebe is one of my favorite water birds, and this is the month when they're emerging into their breeding plumage and look their most spectacular, not to mention participating in the famous weed dance and the courtship rituals, all of which make for some great photographic opportunities.

I have witnessed this a few times over the years, and seen the Grebe many times in its full breeding plumage, it would certainly make a good photograph, so the search is on.

I tried my luck at Bluewater, where I had noticed a Great Crested Grebe back in January, but as you can see the Grebe is not in breeding plumage, and no other grebes around either.

I quite liked this image of the Grebe below, as viewed through the reeds.

This was a nice pose, but not what I am looking for really.

So the search is on of all the local lakes, a Great Crested Grebe preferably two required, in full breeding plumage,  engaged in courtship ritual, and close enough for me to get some decent photographs.

 Not too much to ask for.

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