Saturday, 1 March 2014

Usual Suspects !!!

Winter seems to have passed us by at last, and the emergence of spring flowers are a welcome sight,  the usual suspects have been visiting the garden, although, nothing unusual has been noted in the garden this winter.

 The storms we had earlier in the year decimated our ivy hedge, blowing it away from a boundary wall, this has resulted in  a drastic trim to try and save it.
Its quite amazing the wildlife it actually attracts, blackbirds have nested within it, Wood Pigeons and Sparrows seem to love the berries produced at the end of autumn,
Last winter we had sightings of Wren , Goldcrest, Dunnock and Robin all seen foraging for insects,

The ivy flowers attract a wide variety of insect life, bumble bee's, ivy mining bee's, good selection of spiders, which is what the birds are probably after.

We have even had a Fox that had decided take a nap within the ivy, how it managed to find its way in there is a mystery, but our pet dog took umbrance to its presence and it was soon on its way.

A photo review of Februarys birds,

Ring necked Parakeets still regularly visit the peanut feeders on the pear tree each day, seven is the largest total we have had at any one time.

The Great Spotted Woodpecker is becoming a regular visitor, although I suspect that they are different individuals.

A pair of Magpies visit daily, this one has realised it can just reach the suet feeder.

Starlings looking smart as the sun shines on there plumage.

Good numbers of House sparrows have made it through the winter.

A pair of Blackbirds are seen regularly, around the garden, hopefully they may nest again .

Two Robins have been seen together, although they did not appear too friendly to each other, so maybe not a pair .

Goldfinches have returned to the Niger feeders in good numbers, which visit daily.

Plenty of Chaffinches around the garden, they seem to love the sunflower hearts, last year we had a Brambling in amongst them, sadly not this year.

Great Tit visits daily, along with good numbers of Blue tits.

Looking forward to Spring !!

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