Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Its all in the Name !!!

This Great Spotted Woodpecker, has been visiting the pear tree feeders on and off for the last few weeks now, sometimes two or three times a day.

A typical pose is usually on the peanut feeder or the trunk of the pear tree as below.

As I was trying to get a decent photograph, the woodpecker decided to fly to another branch, just as I pressed the shutter, giving me the image below which I am really pleased with,
 pure luck no skill.

Same situation with the next photograph, the Great Spotted Woodpecker decided to launch itself off the feeder exactly as I pressed the shutter, not perfectly sharp but still a nice image.


Another first for the Pear tree was this Greenfinch, came to the garden for two consecutive days, I have not seen a Greenfinch in the garden for years now,  so hopefully this is about to change.

This Carrion Crow has been systematically stripping twigs from a Silver Birch tree at the bottom of the garden for its nest.

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