Saturday, 1 March 2014

Watching him, Watching Me !!

Little Owl update. 1st March 2014

According to the reference books the male Little Owl marks out his territory around the beginning of February, which ties in exactly when I first noticed this Little owl,  at Ashenbank this year.

Sightings have been regular each morning, throughout the month of February when I have walked my dog  at Ashenbank woods.

 This Little Owl, seems very wary, it appears to tolerate my presence   for as long as I walk on by,  if I linger too long, even though  the footpath is a fair distance from the chosen tree, it scurries into its hole or flies off to a nearby tree, always keeping an eye on my presence.

On one occasion as I approached the vicinity of the tree, I caught sight of the Owl away from its nesting tree, being mobbed by a large number of small birds, who were certainly giving him a hard time.

I managed to get this photograph, which is heavily cropped,   he doesn't look too happy about it.

Hopefully this Little Owl, which I presume is a male, will attract a mate in the next few weeks, as breeding usually occurs around mid March to mid June.

That is, if its not disturbed too much  by the passing dog walkers.

More updates to follow.

5th March 2014 - Update 1
 The Little Owl has managed to attract a mate,  two Owls were seen leaving the nesting hole in the tree. !!

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