Friday, 22 April 2016

Chance Encounter !

It was one of those moments that do not come along very often, as I walked through the entrance door of an empty hide, in a world of my own, not paying much attention to anything in particular. I glanced through the glass window expecting to see the usual dabbling duck or a sleeping lapwing or Coot maybe.

 Staring back at me was this little fella, and just for a change I was not mesmerised into a state of paralysis.

He disappeared down the far side of the bank and out of sight for a few seconds, but then reappeared where he raised himself up on his hind legs in a classic stance.

I managed to fire off three shots before he disappeared again, one was totally out of focus, the other two were reasonable considering the photographs were taken through the glass window of the hide.

I have never managed to capture an image of the ferocious little weasel before so I was pleased with the resulting photographs, the encounter was brief but memorable.

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  1. "Maybe if I pretend to be a meerkat the rabbits will think I'm cute!"