Friday, 8 April 2016

Garden Bumblebee

Bee observations are picking up nicely now, the first Bees started to appear around the garden on 21st March,  Queen Buff Tailed Bumblebees and a few Honeybees around the flowering Blackcurrant, these were quickly followed by the Hairy-footed Flower Bees.

The next to appear was an Early Bumblebee which would not settle for a photograph, in fact only two sightings of this Bumblebee so far.

 The Tree Bumblebee made its appearance in the first few days of April. a few photographs were obtained of this nice looking Bee.( see earlier blog entry)

A possible surprise sighting was a female Tawny Mining Bee, I just caught sight of the  dark ginger colouring before it flew off, and it's not returned yet, I usually like a photograph to confirm my sightings, being no expert, lets hope it returns.

My latest observation has been the Garden Bumblebee which I did managed to get a couple of photographs of, although not particularly clear.

Garden Bumblebee 

This photograph clearly shows the yellow band at the top and bottom of the thorax and the yellow band at the top of the abdomen.


The rear view shows the whitetail, easy to see how it could  be confused with the White-Tailed Bumblebee, although the yellow hair appears to be longer and more unkempt.

No white Tails or Red Tails yet, but still early days

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  1. Saw my first red tailed queen yesterday, first common carder today, and buff tailed queens have been on the move for a few weeks now