Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Yaffles !

"Yaffle", one of the many strange colloquial names for the Green Woodpecker,  refers to the laughing cry of the Green Woodpecker, one of those woodland bird calls easily recognised when heard.

I was fortunate enough to have a close encounter with this our largest Woodpecker, in fact Two Green Woodpeckers while I walked my dog in our local woodlands, most of my encounters usually occur when I have flushed one while it's been feeding in the grass unseen, resulting in a rear view as it flies away. ( never with a rider )

For a change these were too intent on their own domestic dispute, not noticing me for a few short moments.

I first thought that they were  a breeding pair, but on closer inspection they appear to be two males, probably in a border dispute, male  Green Woodpeckers have a red centre to there moustatial stripe which can be seen in the photograph.

Quite a spectacular looking bird when seen up close.


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