Saturday, 2 April 2016

Squabbling Starlings !

In my mind's eye certain birds conjure up an image that personifies that particular species, it could be 'the Weed dance of the Great Crested Grebe',  the splash and tangle of feet when Coots clash over territories, that perfect moment when the Kingfisher dives from its perch into the water, the moment when two Hares rise up and begin boxing, the moment two cock Pheasants clash. the Kestrel in mid-hover, possibilities are endless.

 Nearly every bird or creature that you can think of will have that perfect moment, obviously people will have their own view on what is their perfect image, capturing that moment with your camera is another matter entirely, but that's what makes photography interesting for me, and also frustrating.

Consider the Starling, a very common garden bird, you either love them or hate them, that perfect moment to capture for me, would be that moment when two Starlings rise up into the air squabbling over food, and that's the moment I have been striving for, unsuccessfully I must admit.

It doesn't help that my garden photographs are taken through the patio windows, giving me that soft slightly blurred look, I know that I need more light to give me a faster shutter speed to prevent the wing blurring and to capture the action , perhaps more photographic skills would be helpful, or is it just that extra bit of luck when you take a photograph.

One day it will all fall into place, until then I'll keep trying.

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